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Ship 1 to 1k Packages per Month

Ecommerce plugins that monitor your shipping data and automatically get refunds for late and incorrectly-billed packages.

eAudit Ecommerce

You ship, we monitor your packages and shipping charges. You get refunds automatically. We make it easy. All from the convenience of your favorite eCommerce app.

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Ship 1K to 1M Packages per Month

Our analytics, tools, and automated optimizations will pay dividends day one. All while getting erroneous charges refunded automatically.

eAudit Enterprise

High volume parcel invoices are complex, confusing, and have errors. We sort all of that out, get refunds automatically, suggest ways to optimize, and let you focus on your business.

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Provide Awesome Solutions

You're a solution provider interested in integrating eAudit services into an existing product or offering the platform to your existing customers.

eAudit Integration

Apply to become a Certified Partner and expand your current services with our applications. Already have a product in the logistics space? Integrate eAudit services via our API’s.

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We Create Smarter Shippers.

We advise you how to trim shipping costs and automatically get refunds for late and incorrectly billed packages.

Sometimes Millions.

Data Science meets Parcel

It’s like having your own personal data science team analyzing your shipping patterns and giving you suggestions 24-7.

Our proprietary optimization algorithms bubble up the key points of potential improvement into clear, easy to understand actionables.

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We also make sure you’re charged correctly, every time.

You focus on your business. We identify and chase down refunds you’re owed.

All Automatically.

Parcel invoices are complex.

Getting started isn’t.

Carriers are impressive at what they do but not immune to billing errors like late packages, duplicate charges, incorrect surcharges and  more.  We uncover where you’ve been over billed and get the charges reversed – automatically.


Our proprietary parcel audit and optimization engine, ensures every charge is appropriate and refunds are requested and confirmed where they are not.

Optimization Advisor

We use proprietary algorithms to continuously monitor your data and alert you to further soft dollar savings.  We’ll show you how to save more.

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Let's start saving money together.

Over the years we've saved our customers millions of dollars. Getting started is easy, and now so is saving money.
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