eAudit Ecommerce: Shipment Refund Plugins

Our industry leading audit engine from within your favorite Ecommerce Applications.

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Get Refunds, Automatically.

Up to 5% of your packages are eligble for refunds.

Carriers make the process difficult. We make it easy. We audit every charge on every invoice to make sure you get every credit, every time.

  • We check every charge and make sure it’s valid, we get your money refunded where it isn’t.
  • We chase down every cent your company is due and verify it’s been refunded appropriately.
  • Industrial grade and industry leading audit recovery, it’s what we do.


Available for:

UPS® and FedEx® invoices in one dashboard.

See where your customers are. See where you’re spending.

Carrier billing portals are confusing to navigate. We bring all of your invoices into one place automatically so you can make sense of it all and get on with running your business.

  • No more checking multiple carrier sites to see what you’re spending.
  • See instantly where your products are going with geographical charts
  • We only get paid when you do, it’s completely risk free
Enterprise: Optimization & Audit

Need even more horsepower?

Check out eAudit Enterprise, our flagship parcel optimization and audit suite which can be customized for your unique shipping patterns.
Enterprise: Optimization & Audit