eAudit Enterprise: Parcel Optimization and Audit

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Data Science Meets Shipping.

It’s about time, right?

We aggregate all of your shipping data into one place and provide powerful tools and improvement advice based on your unique patterns.

  • Optimization Advisor constantly reviews your parcel data and recommends cost saving opportunities. Sometimes worth millions.
  • Predictive Analytics and powerful visualizations show you exactly where your money and packages have gone, and are going.
  • UPS®, FedEx®, DHL®, Purolator® (and more) support allows you to make informed decisions based on your unique patterns.

Parcel Optimization and Audit is what we do.

We get refunds for late and incorrectly billed packages while automatically advising you on how to save more.

Sometimes Millions.

Unpack More Savings.

Sometimes Worth Millions.

Beyond parcel audit, the Optimization Advisor analyzes and learns your shipping behaviors over time.

Our proprietary optimization algorithms continuously monitor your data and identify much more saving opportunities based on your unique shipping patterns.

It’s not magic,  it’s data science.   Discover and solve even the smallest inefficiencies in your shipping with actionable insights.


Optimization Advisor


Parcel Audit (Optional)

Automatic refunds

Get Refunds, Automatically.

Up to 5% of your packages are eligble for refunds.

Carriers make the process difficult. We make it easy. We audit every charge on every invoice to make sure you get every credit, every time.

We also realize not everyone needs or wants a parcel audit.  That’s ok too,  it’s your choice.

  • We check every charge and make sure it’s valid, we get your money refunded where it isn’t.
  • Fully Automatic. We chase down every cent your company is due and verify it’s been refunded appropriately.
  • Industrial grade and industry leading audit recovery, it’s what we do.
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Supercharged Shipping, in a Click.

Customize with Industrial Grade Add-On Tools

Don’t pay for tools you don’t need. Only pay for tools you do with efficient per-use pricing on our ever-evolving list of free and optional powertools to supercharge your shipping.

  • Package and Invoice Genie Tools
  • Comprehensive Multi-Level GL-Coding Engine
  • Rate Calculator Tool
  • Bulk Track Tool
  • Advanced Reporting
  • Extended Views

Power Tools


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